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12-17 June 2005  









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Workshop on Nonparametrical Statistical Methods



Sunday, 12 June 

16.00-19:30 Registration (MaA building, Lobby)
20:00-21:30 Reception (City Hall)

Monday, 13 June

8:00-8:50 Registration (MaA building, Lobby)
  MaA 102 MaA 103
8:50-9:00 Welcome  
  Robust Multivariate Estimation  
  Chair: P. Rousseeuw  
9:00-9:30 R.A. Maronna, V.J. Yohai and A.J. Villar: Choosing a Multivariate Estimate for High Dimensional Data  
9:30-10:00 D. Peña and J. Prieto: Combining Random and Specific Directions for Robust Estimation of
High-Dimensional Multivariate Data
10:00-10:30 Y. Zuo: A Trimmed Mean with a Random Fraction of Trimmed Points  

Coffee break (MaA building, Lobby)

  Breakdown, Model Choice  
  Chair: S. Portnoy  
11:00-11:30 U. Gather: Breakdown and Groups Revisited  
11:30-12:00 L. Davies: Financial Data as an Example of Model Choice  

Lunch (Wilhelmiina)

  Time Series Multivariate Methods, PCA
  Chair: M. Hallin Chair: S. Van Aelst
14:00-14:20 J. Nyblom: Exponential Smoothing Based on Ranks G. Willems, S. Van Aelst and M. Salibián-Barrera: Robust PCA with Bootstrap Based on MM-estimators
14:20-14:40 N. Muler, D. Peña and V.J. Yohai: Robust Estimates for ARMA Models M. Debruyne and M. Hubert: The Influence Function of Stahel-Donoho Type Methods for Robust PCA
14:40-15:00 M. Yarmohammadi: Robust Estimates for ARIMA Models and their Applications for Detection of Outliers S. Engelen and M. Hubert: A Robust PARAFAC Method

Coffee break (MaA building, Lobby)

  Processes Estimation Theory
  Chair: L. Davies Chair: A. Christmann
15:30-15:50 (V. Stoimenova: Robust Parametric Estimation of Branching Processes with Random Number of Ancestors) Cancelled (D. Atanasov: On the Standard Error of Some Classes of Robust Estimators) Cancelled
15:50-16:10 S. Lardjane: Nonparametric Density Estimation for Reversed Chaotic Signals C. Agostinelli: Estimation Using the Disparity Measure Related to the Robust Identification
16:10-16:30 M.M. Souto de Miranda and H. Miranda: Assessing the Mean Stationarity Condition in a Geostatistical Process P. Ruckdeschel: Optimally One-Sided Bounded ICs
16:30-16:50 H. Kläver: Testing for Stochastic Dominance Using Circular Block Methods M. Kohl and P. Ruckdeschel: R-packages for Infinitesimal Robustness

Cruise and Dinner

Tuesday, 14 June


MaA 102

MaA 103


Sign and Rank Methods

Calibration, Generalized Linear Models,  Regression


Chair: R. Randles

Chair: D. Peña


J. Jurečková: Regression Quantiles and Hájek's Rank Scores

M. Riani and S. Salini: Robust and Efficient Multivariate Calibration


M. Hallin, C. Vermandele and B.J.M. Werker: Semiparametrically Efficient Inference Based on Signs and Ranks for Median
Restricted Models

E. Ronchetti: Robust Second-Order Accurate Inference for Generalized Linear Models


J.W. McKean: Rank-Based Procedures for Repeated Measure Designs

I. Mizera: Robust Functional Estimation


Coffee break (MaA building, Lobby)



Robust Regression


Chair: U. Gather

Chair: J. Jureckova


M.A. van de Wiel and K.I. Kim: Estimating the False Discovery Rate for Interval Null-Hypotheses Using Nonparametric Deconvolution

Ş. Hekimoğlu and R.C. Erenoğlu: Estimation of Parameters for Linear Regression Using Median Estimator


S. Populaire and P. Girard: Robust Statistics Applied to the Validation of Analytical Methods

M. Omelka: Second Order Asymptotics for R-estimators and M-estimators for a Simple
Linear Regression

11:40-12:00 L. McCann, R. Welsch  and C. Liberty: Robust Sabermetrics J. Picek: Hill's Estimator Based on Two-Step Regression Quantiles
12:00-12:20 J. Kalina and P.L. Davies: Locating Landmarks in the Face J.Á Višek: Consistency of Instrumental Weighted Variables

Lunch (Wilhelmiina)



Poster Session (MaA building, Lobby)
C. Amado and A.M. Pires: Robust Bootstrap Criterion for Variable Selection in LDA
D. Busarova: Robust Multivariate Regression
A. Farall  and G. Boente: Robust Multivariate Tolerance Region: Influence Function and Monte Carlo Study
D. Hoorelbeke, H. Dewachter and K. Smedts: Robust Estimation of Jensen's Alpha
K. Joossens: Error Rates for Multiple Group Robust Linear Discriminant Analysis
I.M. Rodrigues, G. Boente and A.M. Pires: Robust Tests for the Common Principal Components Model
V. Yohai and M.E. Szretter: A Robust Proposal for Sliced Inverse Regression

Coffee break (MaA building, Lobby)

  Independent Component Analysis  
  Chair: H. Oja  
15:30-16:00 E. Oja: Independent Component Analysis: Algorithms and Applications  
16:00-16:30 G. Brys, M. Hubert and P. Rousseeuw: Robust Independent Component Analysis  
16:30-17:00 D.E. Tyler: Invariant Coordinate Selection (ICORS): A Robust Perspective on Independent Components Analysis (ICA)  

Wednesday, 15 June


MaA 102

MaA 103


Discrimination, Location Tests and Data Depth



Chair: T. Hettmansperger



K. Crimin, J.W. McKean and S.J. Sheather: Discriminant Procedures Based on Efficient Robust Discriminant Coordinates



P. Chaudhuri: Data Depth and Discriminant Analysis



R. Elmore and T. Hettmansperger:
A Multivariate Test for Location Based on Elliptical Depth



Coffee break (MaA building, Lobby)


Notice! MaA 211
Generalized Models

Tailweight, Location and Scale Estimation


Chair: P. Chaudhuri

Chair: M. Hubert


M. Salibián-Barrera: A Robust Fit for Generalized Additive Models

C.C. Heyde and S.G. Kou: The Controversy Over Tailweight of Distributions and a Robust Measure of Tailweight


S.K. Sinha: Robust Analysis of Mixed Models for Longitudinal Data

Z. Fabián: Johnson Descriptive Statistics

11:40-12:00 N. Neykov, P. Filzmoser, R. Dimova and P. Neytchev: Trimmed Likelihood Fitting of Mixture Models J.A. Randal: Robust Scale Estimation in Finite Samples
12:00-12:20   S. Morgenthaler: Estimates for Very Small Samples


Lunch (Wilhelmiina)



Thursday, 16 June


MaA 102

MaA 103


Skew and Heavy- Tailed Distributions, Computing



Chair: X. He



O. Arslan: Robust Statistical Modeling Using the Skew t-Distributions



B. Vanderwalle, M. Hubert, J. Beirlant and A. Christmann: A Robust Estimator for the Tail Index of Pareto-Type Distributions



R. Dutter: Computation with R: Applications in Geochemical Analysis



Coffee break (MaA building, Lobby)


Multivariate Methods

Tests, Inference


Chair: D. Tyler

Chair: R. Dutter


E. Roelant and S. Van Aelst: An L1-type Estimator of Multivariate Location and Shape

Y.N. Tyurin: Testing Approximate Statistical Hypotheses


S. Sirkiä and H. Oja: ICA with Symmetrized M-estimators of Scatter

A. Gárcia-Pérez: Chi-Square and F Tests with Models Close to the Normal

11:40-12:00 (V. Todorov: Robust Selection of Variables in the Linear Discriminant Analysis) Cancelled J.R. Berrendero, A. Cuevas and F. Vázquez: Testing Multivariate Uniformity: the Distance-to-Boundary Method


Lunch (Wilhelmiina)


Covariance, Correlation

Cluster Analysis, Mixture Models


Chair: P. Filzmoser

Chair: F. Chritchley


G.L. Shevlyakov, V.I. Shin and K. Kim: A Radical Stable M-estimator of a Correlation Coefficient for a Bivariate Normal Distribution

J.A. Cuesta, C. Matran and A. Mayo-Iscar: New Perspectives for Robust Estimation in the Normal Mixture Model


J.Fco. Ortega: A Robust Alternatives to the Covariance

L.A. García-Escudero and A. Gordaliza: Adaptive Trimmed k-Means for Heterogenous Groups


C. Dehon, F. Alqallaf, C. Croux and R. Zamar: On the Robustness of Non-Parametric Correlation Measures

C. Hennig: Robustness Concepts for General Clustering Methods


Coffee break (MaA building, Lobby)


Regression and Logistic Discrimination


Chair: R. Maronna



S. Serneels, C. Croux, P. Filzmoser, and P.J. Van Espen: Partial Robust M-regression



C. Chen and X. He: Lower Rank Approximation of Matrices Based on Fast and Robust Alternating



C. Croux, G. Haesbroeck and K. Joossens: Influence Analysis of Error Rates: Logistic Discrimination


Conference Dinner

Friday, 17 June


MaA 102

MaA 103


Principal Axis Analysis, Clustering and Regression



Chair: S. Morgenthaler



F. Critchley, A. Pires and C. Amado: Principal Axis Analysis



A.M. Pires and C.M. Santos-Pereira: Using Clustering and Robust Estimators to Detect Outliers in Multivariate Data



M. Salibián-Barrera and V.J. Yohai: A Fast Algorithm for S-estimates of Regression



Coffee break (MaA building, Lobby)





Chair: A. Pires



A. Christmann: Robust Learning from Bites



S. Van Aelst, J. Khan and R.H. Zamar: Robust Variable Selection Based on Least Angle Regression

12:00-12:10 Closing


Lunch (Wilhelmiina)